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There are many fine window cleaning companies in the area and in order to compete and succeed in such a competitive business I believe that it is important to offer something special.


This is why since starting Sullivan Window Cleaning in 2010 we have worked so hard to do everything the right way, no corners cut and no compromises on quality and value. The business has grown steadily through our reputation and I am proud of the fact that our 100% satisfaction guarantee is so very rarely called upon.

We are a family owned company and I trust every single member of our growing team to represent Sullivan Window Cleaning in a correct manner by showing respect to our clients with smart appearance, punctuality and pride in their work.

Of course we ‘Clean Windows Brilliantly’ for domestic and commercial clients but we also offer other services such as Drive & Patio Cleaning, Gutter Clearance, Roof Cleaning and Maintenanceand the safe cleaning of Solar Panels.

The use of Pure Water Technology not only makes environmental sense but by not using harsh chemicals a Sullivan Windows clean will typically last up to 50% longer than traditional cleaning methods. We save you time, money and the planet.


Thank you again for visiting our website, I hope you find the information you are looking for. To discuss any specific requirement that you may have or to arrange a time for a chat please call us on 01483 779 258

Lee Sullivan

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Direct Debit Payments

We clean your windows and debit your account 5 days after the clean.


It's quicker, easier and there's no need to leave out cash!


satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee clean windows all year 'round..

Not happy even after 4 weeks, tell us and we'll clean them again.

Clean Reminders

We'll drop you a text reminder the day before your clean is due.

Won't be home? Just leave a side gate unlocked and we'll lock it when we're finished.

Calling Card

When we've finished, we'll leave you a card notifying you of our visit.



Window Cleaning

We clean using pure water and always clean the frames and sills!

Gutter Cleaning

Using telescopic poles, we are able to clean your gutters from the safety of the ground

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panels clean is important. The more light that hits the panels, the more energy they will produce!

Window Cleaning

Whilst cleaning technology and methods may have come a long way recently the basic demand has always remained the same, spotlessly clean windows.


Here at Sullivan Window Cleaning we utilise the finest available technology and methods but we combine this with a traditional commitment to service that you will find difficult to beat.

External windows are cleaned using our Pole Fed Pure Water system, no harsh chemicals are involved so there are absolutely no annoying streaks or blemishes left behind. We also clean sills and frames as standard and because we only use Pure Water and soft brushes there is no possibility of scratches.


Internal windows are cleaned with micro-fibre cloths and Pure Water ‘squeegees’ leaving the glass spotless for longer.


“Quick, professional, great finish. Also included frames and sills.”


A Sullivan Window clean will typically last up to 50% longer than a traditional clean and of course every visit is backed by our no quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Window Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

The installation of solar panels represents a considerable but very worthwhile investment but did you know that panels can lose as much as 25% of their output if they are unclean?


Urban pollution, tree sap, bird droppings and even rainwater can lead to a build-up of debris and cleaning with harsh chemicals can add to this problem by leaving a sticky residue.


Our Clean Water System is ideal for ensuring a spotless finish and because the process leaves no sticky residue associated with chemical cleaning the glass stays cleaner for longer without attracting dirt.


“Always phoned or emailed before arrival, always re-padlocked gate on departure, always pleasant to deal with.”


Our pole fed, soft bristle brushes dislodge any debris or grime before each panel is rinsed twice with pure water and left to dry naturally.


As with our other processes, we work from ground level with no requirement for scaffolding or ladders a method which dramatically cuts costs and the possibility of damage to the building or inconvenience to its occupants.


Thats a lot of clean glass!

Our work

Gutter Clearing and Cleaning

Gutters are an essential part of the weather-proofing system of any property and yet they are often overlooked by home and business owners.


Water that is unable to drain away properly will need to go somewhere and more often than not this means damage to brickwork and fascia boards or staining of exterior paintwork or architectural features.


‘An Ounce of Prevention is better than a Pound of Cure’ 

Benjamin Franklin (not a Sullivan customer)


We advise that domestic gutters are cleaned once a year, possibly twice if you have trees nearby that can add to the amount of debris collected.


Commercial properties face additional risk as water damage is not always covered by your building insurance policy and even as a tenant you may be liable for any damage caused by leaks.


Using our specialist cleaning equipment we are able clean your gutters from the safety of the ground with our telescopic vacuum system reaching great heights without the need to use ladders, scaffolding or other costly apparatus.


Our video shows a typical domestic gutter clearance, it is a quick, clean and inexpensive way to protect your property from damage

Gutter Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning


We are a family owned firm established by Lee Sullivan in 2010 as a direct consequence of a demand for a reliable window cleaning service.


A few years on and we are developing into a substantial company providing domestic and commercial services across Surrey with a combination of the latest cleaning techniques and good, old-fashioned service values.


We do not try to be anything that we are not, we know our current limitations and we are determined to offer the best service that we can. We do not give our service away and we believe that setting a fair price is important in our relationships with clients, we offer great value and still manage to make a living because fairness is what we feel that life is all about.


“A wonderful company, highly recommend. Local, punctual, polite, reasonably priced, very pleased with the high standard of workmanship.”


We welcome all feedback and genuinely appreciate comments and honest opinions that help us to improve our business.


The business is built on the same demand that Lee identified in 2010, a demand for an honest, hard- working and reliable service…long may it continue.



Tel: 01483 779258



Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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